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About the Photographer

Really important things that you need to know about me....

My love for macaroni and cheese has, sadly, not diminished over the years and, much like a four-year-old, it’s pretty much the only thing I like. I would be happy living in a house of cheese.

I am a liberal thinker with conservative values. I argue with myself a lot.

I sing at the top of my lungs and with much feeling when I’m driving, regardless of whether or not I have a passenger. I make no apologies for this. It’s much more bearable if you just accept it and join in.

I am three degrees separated from Kevin Bacon. (It’s true—you should ask me about it sometime.)

My husband is so attractive that he comes with a disclaimer when I introduce him. “Have you met my husband? I’m not shallow. He has a great personality, too... I swear.” It’s just a coincidence that he looks like he stepped out of a Disney cartoon.

I try not to brush my hair too often for fear of setting the bar too high.

Poor customer service is a giant pet peeve of mine. Call me crazy, but I actually want my internet to work, since I pay for it.

My favorite evening is one spent on the couch with a bunch of movies and some chocolate. And mac and cheese. Of course.

If you’re still interested, here’s some stuff about my photography.

I am a visual communications and professional photography graduate. You can be confident that I am equipped with the knowledge and expertise that is essential to providing you with a superior final product.

As a documentary photographer, I take a slightly different approach to portrait photography. I believe that each portrait session is not just an opportunity to take pictures, but to capture a truly revealing look into that particular moment in your life. I go beyond the traditional poses to capture the true beauty in the authenticity of the moment. While you will still receive the traditional, with me, you will also receive the unexpected. By allowing my subjects to be natural, with a few subtle suggestions, I am able to capture a more relaxed state of being. With this editorial approach to your session or event, you will be provided with an artistic compilation of images that reveals an honest portrayal of that special day, or moment, in your life.

Serving the Charleston, SC area. I am also available for destination sessions. Because it's just really fun to travel.

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